Crocheted Egg Cosey from 1891!

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When I first saw this pattern for an egg cosey I laughed. Why would anyone need a cosey for an egg? And then it dawned on me…the year this pattern was printed was 1891, a time when homes did not have electricity. Homes were lite with gas lamps and candles, and of course, there was no central heating. So the cosey was designed to keep the cooked egg warm while waiting for the family to come to the breakfast table.

Below is the original photo of an egg cosey found in the crochet book published by Butterick Publishing Company.

No.19 egg cosey – original photo

Although I would never use a cosey to keep an egg warm, I decided to experiment with the pattern. Here are 3 crocheted egg coseys complete with leaves and stems. Instead of making 4 leaves, I crocheted 3 leaves as it was more aesthetically pleasing.

Crochet Pattern For Egg Cosey

To make your own egg cosey, crochet a chain of 6 and join in a ring.  Work into the ring 12 single crochets.  Then work 4 doubles into the space between 2 single crochets, keeping the 1 loop on the hook all through till the 4th double is made; now pull the thread through the loop, kept on the needle and the doubles will be drawn up into a little pull.  Chain 1 and repeat the 4 doubles in the next space between single crochets of the 1st row.  Do this all around, and then make the succeeding rows in the same way, always putting the cluster of doubles between the clusters of proceeding row.  Four rows of doubles, if single zephyr is used, will make the cosey large enough to just cover the egg.  The leaves at the top are made by making a chain with dark green worsted and working double crochets over it, and either sewing or crocheting it together in the form of a leaf.  The stem is made of two rows of single crochet. The effect is good if some of the coseys are yellow or red and some white, with the same green leaves or calyx on both colors.

Happy Crocheting!


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