Upcycled J. Crew Sweater Into Medieval Belt Bag And Eyeglass Case!

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Have you ever put a 100% wool sweater in the wash and dry cycles by accident? Well, I did. My husband, Bob’s J. Crew 100% merino wool XL sweater went through the washer and dryer and it ended up being about a size Medium! Once a sweater is felted, the shape is very distorted and not really wearable unless you don’t mind wearing a lumpy sweater. Rather than discard it for the landfill, I decided to repurpose/upcycle/recreate it to a medieval belt bag which I named – medieval mi bolsa. Translated, mi bolsa means ‘my pouch’ in English. It is lined with 100% cotton fabric.

Below is two vintage-inspired projects – medieval mi bolsa and sunglass case as part of my no-waste philosophy.

the lumpy J.Crew sweater after accidentally putting it through the washer and dryer
finished medieval ‘mi bolsa’, aka medieval belt bag repurposed from J. Crew sweater


closeup-image-of-upcycled-medieval-belt-bag-from J.Crew sweater
close-up of repurposed medieval mi bolsa (my pouch)










medieval mi bolsa and eyeglass case repurposed from J. Crew sweater


picture-of-the-back-of-medieval-mi-bolsa-or-medieval-belt-bag-and-eyeglass-case-repurposed-from-J.Crew sweater
back view of medieval mi bolsa and eyeglass case


side view of medieval mi bolsa (translated my pouch) and eyeglass case repurposed from J. Crew sweater

You may be wondering what to use the medieval belt pouch (mi bolsa) for…here’s the shortlist:

  • To carry your cellphone, driver’s license, credit cards, money, sanitizer, and any other small important necessary items
  • Belt handbag
  • Alternative handbag
  • For hiking and other outdoor activities
  • As a medical pouch
  • Suitable for men, women teenagers, children
  • For work
  • Substitute for a fanny pack but much cooler



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