Meet The Grass Family!

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The coldest month in Atlanta is January. Winter in Atlanta has daily temperature peaks of the 40s-50s°F and lows of 35°F. As winter slowly ends, February brings cold, sunny, drizzle and can be icy or snowy. February temperatures hover between the low 30s°F to a high of 55-60s°F.

By the end of February, I am so ready for spring to arrive! The daffodils, crocus, Japanese cherry trees begin to emerge into colorful little spots of color dotting the landscape. I love grass but decide years ago to rid myself of the high maintenance, high cost, and high physical labor of maintaining it. But I still miss seeing a bit of green that covers the yard like a green carpet. So, I decided to knit my own grassy tufts and named it “The Grass Family.” Meet Bermuda, Zoysia and Fescue!

P.S. Although The Grass Family is not vintage, I did tell you in the ‘About Us‘ that an occasional modern project will sneak in.

The free knitting pattern is found at

The Grass Family

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