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Finger Puppets & Finger Puppies For You!

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These finger puppies (left) and human finger puppets (right) are super cute and super easy to make. They make excellent little gifts for little kids (and big kids, i.e., adults), for hospitalized children in children’s hospitals, for your friends who love dogs, and anyone who needs a smile. Plus, you get to use any scrap or leftover yarn you already have stashed away. The first picture is of puppies and the 2nd is of U.S.A presidential candidates McCain and Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. Both knitting patterns are from Chris Knits in Niagara ( Chris designed the finger puppet pattern for her charitable work for her local children’s hospital and am sure the gifts are a welcomed sight for sick kids. I’ve written both knitting patterns below – verbatim. If you wish to read another language, enter your desired language in the Google Translate App located to the left. 

free knitting pattern for 2 finger-puppets of puppies made of worsted weight yarn good for beginners
      finger puppies

finger puppets of mccain and obama during their presidential campaigns in 2008
2008 presidential candidates, knitted finger-puppets of McCain and Obama


Knitting Pattern for Finger Puppies (source=

Materials: Scraps of worsted weight yarns and sock yarn for the embroidered details. Knit on 4mm needles (US 6), use light brown for body and dark brown for ears, and cream color for the muzzle. Use sock yarn for eyes and black sock yarn for nose and mouth line.
Body: Cast on 10 in body color. Knit 4 rows (garter stitch: Knit every row). Stocking Stitch next 8 rows (Knit right side, Purl wrong side). Last row: K2together-repeat across row. Cut 8-inch tail and gather these last 5 sts together. WAIT to sew up until all embroidery is done.
Muzzle: With cream color, Cast on 3. Knit row one, purl row two, knit row 3. Break yarn with 8-inch tail and gather last 3 sts together. Use the tail to sew around the muzzle in position in the middle of the face (see photo).
Ears: With dark brown, cast on 3. Garter stitch for 6 rows, then knit 3 together. Knit one stitch on next row. Increase 2 sts (3 total) and garter stitch 6 more rows for other ear. Knit 3 together and break yarn leaving 6-inch tail. Pass the tail through last st to secure. Using this tail, thread it on a large darning needle, and feed it through the top of head BETWEEN stitches (see photos). Pull firmly until one ear has passed through both sides of the head and only the single stitch center is left inside the dog (see photo). Using eye color, make french knot eyes above the muzzle. Using the black, place 2 horizontal lines for nose, and one a vertical line from nose to bottom of muzzle, pulling slightly
to separate muzzle into 2 halves (see photo). Securely fasten the ends of the embroidery on the inside of the dog. Now you can stitch up the back opening, and sew in all the ends of yarns


    Knitting Pattern for Human Finger Puppets (source= SIZE: One size: 2.5 inches tall. MATERIALS: Worsted weight scraps, acrylics best for washability, but any yarn is fine, self-striping colors for clothes, your choice of color for face, browns and other “hair colors” for hair. Fingering, sock yarn, or embroidery cotton for face details, rosy-beiges for the smile, and brown, blue, green for eyes. One pair of 4.5 mm needles, small double points are convenient, but full size will work too. Darning needle to embroider the face, crochet hook to attach long hair. GAUGE: Not important, but is approximately 20 sts and 26 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch PATTERN: With 4.5 mm needles and clothing color, cast on 10 sts. Work in garter stitch (knit each row) for 4 rows. Work stocking stitch (knit right side, purl wrong side) for 4 rows. Break off clothes yarn, leaving 6 inches (to close seam later). Using face yarn work 5 rows in stocking stitch (end with wrong side facing). Break face yarn, and leave 6-inch tail. Using hair yarn, PURL first row. Next row Purl again (on the right side) Next row [K1, K2 together] repeat 2 more times, K1 (7 stitches left) Last row, P1, [P2 together] repeat to end (4 stitches left) Using darning needle gather remaining stitches on 8-inch tail, and secure but don’t close seam yet. FINISHING While the back is open, embroider face using sock yarn or similar fine yarn. Tie the ends securely inside the puppet (see photos) and trim close to knots. Sew the back seam with the coordination color tail of yarn and secure all loose ends in the seam. For ponytail, cut 6 strands about 8 inches long. Using 3 strands, fold in half and use a crochet hook to pull through near bottom of hairline in the back right side, and either braid or knot to hold in place. Repeat on back left front.           Here are my human finger puppets -> presidential hopefuls, McCain (left) and Obama (right) knitted during the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign. Cute, aren’t they?

finger puppets of mccain and obama during their presidential campaigns in 2008
         2008 presidential candidates, knitted finger puppets of John McCain and Barack Obama

Credits: Both patterns are retyped verbatim from Visit Chris Knits In Niagara to see what knitting projects are on her needles.

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