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Note: Since this blog/website is all about threads and yarns and what to do with them, I thought an occasional post on the history of yarn companies would be interesting. And the first company is Lion Brand.

As I was doing some internet research on antique patterns, an image of an antique book cover published by Lion Brand caught my eye and I just had to stop my current study and read it.  The book’s forward  I include below:

“It is most essential in the undertaking of any work that the best material should be used employed to obtain the best results, and with that end in mind we off this new edition of LION YARN BOOK to those interested in the accomplishment of Knitting and Crocheting.”

Note the capital first letters in knitting and crocheting signifying these as proper nouns (well, I thought this was interesting).

Lion Brand Yarn Company was started in 1878 as a family run business and continues to be so to this day.  It is the oldest manufacturer of knitting and crochet yarns in the United States with the present administration being the fourth generation of Blumenthal!

Many of you may know that Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune) has her signature yarns, like Vanna’s Choice, lion-brand-logo@vintageprojects.spaceVanna’s Choice Baby, and a few other Vanna yarns.  Although I don’t use Lion Brand Yarns exclusively, their Wool-Ease, Homespun, Jiffy, and Cotten Ease are really nice.

What I like about Lion Brand yarns I’ve used is the blend of natural and synthetic fibers for their easy wearability and laundering. But what attracts me the most is their philanthropy of giving to health organizations, in particular,  St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

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