Hacking plastic shopping bags? Why? When? How?

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Green…enviromentalism…conservation. The commonality these terms have is the focus on protecting our environment from further destruction and depletion of our natural resources. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of the tons of garbage floating in the oceans or the amount of undegradable plastics found in dead whales and sharks and other wildlife. The fault is ours. This ecological mess is created by every person who consumes and that is all of us. 

Trying to go plastic-free is hard, and maybe not attainable. But if we all make a conscious effort to reduce our use of plastics, the closer we are to protecting our precious natural resources. Here are some things I have changed over the years…

  • No more plastic wrap or saran wrap…use Bees Wrap instead.
  • No more plastic shopping bags…use reusable shopping bags or make your own. Clean them with a mild solution of bleach + water.
  • Say “No” to straws when dining out. If you must have a straw, bring your own…paper, bamboo, wood and other green material straws are available.
  • Recycle as much as possible… glass, plastic, metal, clothing, etc,
  • Compost your vegetable trimmings if you can.

In other words, say “No” to plastic!

plastic-shopping-bags for

This pile of plastic bags I collected over the years…what can be done with them besides recycling at your local recycling center?

Ah, I’m going to hack them into a crocheted or knitted item. To find out what all these plastic bags will turn into, please follow this blog!

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