Vintage, Antique, Both – What’s The Difference?

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This 1905 calendar/postcard was in a pile of other paper mementos given to me after my grandmother passed away a long time ago. It lay in a bundle in the back shelf of a closet until recently.

When an item is labeled ‘vintage’ what does this actually mean? When are patterns and items considered ‘vintage’? Merriam Webster second definition of vintage is “a period of origin or manufacture or length of existence.” It means an item tagged as ‘vintage’ shows the qualities associated with a specific time period. Meaning the item should be recognized as belonging to the era it was made. Ruby Lane, the largest online marketplace for antiques and collectibles use ‘vintage’ on items older than 20 years.

This 1905 calendar is both antique and vintage.

Click on the picture to see a larger image…it is beautiful!

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